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Oleg Chmielewski - GOsC registered Osteopath

Oleg is covering for Barry untill he rturns from paterenty leave on 20th May 2019

My name is Oleg and I am a huge enthusiast and advocate for Osteopathy and the incredible impact it has upon our human performance and health.

I truly believe that each one of us deserves to have a functional body and to enjoy pain-free life that enables us to pursue our aspirations and dreams, and to contribute our virtues to the society we live in, to empower others and to co-create a healthier world for all of us.

I am interested in you and the reasons WHY you are experiencing your current troubles. Through my personal experience I understand what it is like to feel debilitated by a body that is imbalanced, traumatised and struggling to get better.

My personal interest in health began when as a teenager I experienced feeling uncomfortable in my own skin. This led me to pursue knowledge about exercise and nutrition. My eagerness to understand health escalated rapidly in 2012 when as a 19-year-old motocross rider I sustained a serious hip injury that nearly culminated in a hip replacement operation. The determination to avoid the surgery allowed me to suddenly self-recover, astonishingly both for myself and my orthopaedic consultant. This is how I discovered that given the right circumstances, the body has an incredible ability to heal itself, which is one of most the fundamental Osteopathic principles. Few months later I moved to London where I began my Osteopathic studies.

I graduated from the University College of Osteopathy (formerly British School of Osteopathy) with Master’s Degree. Additionally, I completed post-graduate studies in Classical Osteopathy that allowed me to gain knowledge and competence in cranial treatment.

I am a well-rounded Osteopath skilled to treat patients of all ages and backgrounds, from newborn babies and children, through athletes, professionals, elderly, to more complex chronic patients. I believe that Osteopathy has something to offer no matter who you are and what are you currently going through.

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I have found Barry to be a skilled and efficient practitioner. He was able to quickly understand my issues and start immediately to provide relief from my aches and pains.

Jodie O’Doherty, Mother and business owner

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