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Our philosophy

The Moving Body works according to a pretty simple philosophy based on four key principles:

1. A moving body is a healthy body

At The Moving Body, we focus on the vital role which movement plays in keeping every part of the body healthy. Not only do we remove pain by restoring movement to areas which have become restricted, but we also help our patients to give movement a more central place in their lives.

With so many people living static and sedentary lifestyles these days, pain can quickly develop as muscles, joints, ligaments and even the skin become seized up. So it’s our job to get movement back into the problem area and provide you with the tools to prevent the same thing happening again in the future.

Even when people do build movement into their lives through regular exercise, problems can still arise when the body is not moving quite as it should. We can help to eradicate the pain or injury which results but also work with you to ensure that you adapt your style – whether walking, running, stretching, whatever! – to make sure you can enjoy pain-free movement in the future.

2. Every patient is different

While everyone needs to keep moving to keep healthy, we recognise that every patient is different and will need a treatment plan tailored to their specific needs and lifestyle.

This starts in the treatment room. We find that some patients prefer gentle treatments, while others enjoy the application of strong pressure on the problem area. Some people love the release you get from cracking joints, while others can’t stand it! Rest assured that we take great pride in providing treatments which remove your pain using techniques which you feel comfortable with.

The same applies after you leave the clinic. We aim to send away our patients with homework - be it exercises, stretches or self-treatment technique - which they can do in between appointments or after a treatment plan has come to an end in order to keep their body moving healthily. While some patients like to have a long list of exercises to do every day, others prefer just to have one which they know they can find the time to do and get right.

During every appointment, our priority is listening carefully to your concerns and needs and ensuring that we develop a treatment and recovery plan which is right for you.

3. If at first you don’t succeed…

Bodies are complicated machines and it won’t always possible for us to find the solution to your problem immediately. During each appointment, we will constantly check-in with you to determine whether or not a particular treatment technique is working and will modify our approach if not. We incorporate traditional approaches in all our treatments, but use innovative modifications until we find what works for you. At the beginning of each follow-up appointment, we’ll seek your feedback on how things have been since the last appointment and will try something new if you haven’t improved.

While some patients come to us looking for a long-term treatment plan to address a long-standing chronic condition or to support the maintenance of healthy movement, our aim is to be able to treat your pain or injury successfully as quickly as possible without the need for large numbers of appointments. This approach requires us to adapt continually until we find the right technique for you, and it’s a challenge we enjoy!

4. The importance of partnerships

Many of our patients have a number of other people helping to maintain their health – whether it be a personal trainer or coach, a GP or other medical professional or family members. They may even have been responsible for referring you to us. With your consent, we are committed to working in partnership with these people to identify the best treatment and recovery plan for you.

We also work in partnerships with local people and companies who share our commitment to increasing health through movement to provide more holistic care for our patients.

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Barry has really helped me with a long standing running injury to my hip. The treatments may not always be "pleasant" but they most certainly do the trick. I have found the treatments effective...

Kim Reid, Runner with a hip injury

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