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We always encourage our patients to provide feedback as it helps us continually to improve the service we offer.

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5 star Google review: Barry is an absolute lifesaver! I couldn't recommend him highly enough! He is extremely knowledgable about the body and I have come to him with a number of muscular injuries over the years and every time, sometimes with a few sessions, he has sorted them out. Brilliant!

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Sophie Elwes

Sophie Elwes, Team GB alpine-ski-racer

5 star Google review: I have been seeing Barry for a number of months for a persistent hip problem. It has never been better! He understands the injury, knows how to treat it and I always leave our sessions feeling positive and so much better. The exercises he 'prescribes' me to do outside of our sessions are achievable and easy to follow with the PDFs and video recordings. Barry is very professional and by far the best in his industry I have received treatment from for my injury.

This is a Google review which can be found by Googling 'The Moving Body Balham'.

Harriet Lombard

Harriet Lombard, Runner

5 star Google review: I moved to the area 7 months ago and struggled to find a good Osteo until I tried these guys. Barry is brilliant and sorts me out each and every time I book an appointment - I highly recommend!

This is a Google review which can be found by Googling 'The Moving Body Balham'.

Bryce Butterworth

Bryce Butterworth, Gas engineer

4 star Google review: Barry is very focused on providing the patient with the best care possible. It is important for to express what sort of treatment you are looking for, but he strives to really please his clients and seems very knowledeable in different types of techniques. I would recommend using Barry for long term issues as he is thorough in his treatment plans.

This is a Google review which can be found by Googling 'The Moving Body Balham'.

Toby Mangel

Toby Mangel

Barry was fantastic for fixing the pain in my leg. He helped relieve the pain enough that I could continue my training schedule the day after visiting him. He's really friendly and extremely professional. He provided me with some follow up exercises so I could continue to improve my injury. Really great experience!

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Anonymous Review

Anonymous Review, Sports person

5 star Google review: Barry is a great Osteo, always healing my issues!

This is a Google review which can be found by Googling 'The Moving Body Balham'.

Kevin Barter

Kevin Barter, Graphic designer

Barry is fantastic. He clearly knows what he is doing and his experience shows. I have been to many clinics over the past 30 years and this one is right at the top of the rankings! Highly recommended.

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Dominic, IT specialist

I have been seeing Barry for several months, initially for a persistent lower back problem, and since for general body maintenance and massage. He is so clever at identifying the exact spot from where problems are emanating. I feel he really listens, understands and gets straight to the bottom of the problem. I have recommended him to friends and family and all have been impressed with the treatment they've received.

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Carol Grantham

Carol Grantham, Painter and decorator

Having suffered with Psoriatic Arthritis and Fibromyalgia for several years I often experience severe joint pain and find movement difficult. Since starting treatment with Barry I am able to move more and have even started to exercise again which I had feared impossible. He has given me real hope and proved that both conditions can be managed with his help. He is always fast to find the source of the pain and able to provide relief and increase mobility in just an hour. He gets results in just one session but I have found that my condition has really improved as I have seen him on a regular basis. He has also helped with nutrition and an exercise plan to help me and is often sending me articles or suggestions that help me with my Fibromyalgia. He goes above and beyond for his clients and I am grateful for the care I have received from him. 5 stars is not enough!

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bexymj, Fibromyalgia patient

Barry McVeigh is a brilliant Osteopath and sports injury expert. I am a 17-year-old dancer who is currently in professional full-time training at Doreen Bird College of Performing Arts. I have been in the West End musical 'Billy Elliot', have competed in the IDO World Tap Championships with a tap company called 'Tap Attack' 4 times. I have personally come away with 2 gold and 1 silver medal along with various top 10 places.

I have known Barry my whole life and been treated by him throughout training, performances and professional jobs. His knowledge of the human body, prevention of injury and treatment is superb. His expertise and experience has meant I have been able to put my body through incredible stress physically and be able to come away relatively injury-free. However, if I do get an injury, he is able to get it to recover at an incredible rate, with as little time out as possible.

I highly recommend Barry to every dancer.

Kate Ivory Jordon

Kate Ivory Jordon, Dancer / Singer / Performer

Barry is a brilliant osteopath! He was recommended by a friend who’s a professional wrestler (so knows about injuries!), and he’s totally exceeded my expectations. He really helped get rid of various aches and mobility restrictions, but by far the most significant result was seeing him after my orthopedic consultant in the US said I’d need another ACL reconstruction, that my knee had become slack and unstable after my original repair 20 years ago. I had some sessions with Barry and did some specific training for the knee. When I went back to see the consultant and surgeon a few months later, they said everything was good and that surgery was no longer required! To sidestep a major operation and long rehab like that was just amazing, and my knee has been doing well ever since. I really trust and value Barry’s work and advice.

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Claire Kaplan

Claire Kaplan, avoided major knee surgery

With the constant threat of injury as a dancer, it is absolutely vital to take care of my body as it is my livelihood. In 2013 whilst working on my first professional contract at Universal Studios Singapore, I noticed the dreaded pinch in my lower back. Performing 4 times a day on concrete in non-supportive footwear had finally started to play havoc on my body. I brushed it off for a while but soon found that my right hamstring was being affected, preventing me from performing and essentially working.

I then hunted down as many physiotherapists as possible but found that their method of sticking electrodes on my back and giving me a few stretches was not enough to fix this problem. Purely by chance I came across Barry McVeigh whilst searching the Internet for a 'Sports Therapist'.

Upon my arrival Barry greeted me with the most welcoming smile, which eased my apprehension completely. Not completely knowing what 'Osteopathy' was or the methods in which they practiced, naturally had me a little tense. Barry asked numerous questions, gathering an understanding of my background and current injuries. He then proceeded to realign my body by ways of pulling, pushing and cracking almost every joint in my body. I cannot express how amazing I felt at the end of the session. I believe my words to him where 'I feel like I could fly'. My back pain had completely disappeared and my hamstrings were the most flexible they had been since I was possibly a pre teen.

Whenever I felt the slightest sign of pain in any area of my body, I was quick to call on Barry straight away. He was very accommodating to both our busy schedules. He provided me with his email at which he told me to contact him should I be unable to book through reception and he would, very generously, see me in his lunch break. I recommended Barry to all my peers and they all spoke so highly of him and found him just as fantastic and helpful as I did. If I could, I would love to take Barry with me on every professional job I get from now on. He is an absolute professional and I hope to meet him again in the future.

Melissa Pringle

Melissa Pringle, Performer (Singapore)

Barry was a great help when my back and hip seized up after a 16 hour charity walk. He really helped release the tension and relieve pain. This was my second appointment and I would highly recommend The Moving Body for any sports injury or back problem, or just for making sure everything is where it should be!

This is a Google review which can be found by Googling 'The Moving Body'.

Hailey Jean Flee

Hailey Jean Flee, Yoga teacher

I have suffered chronic pain to my hip, back and shoulder following a physical attack 10 years ago. Since sustaining my injuries, I've never been out of pain. I've tried all types of therapy, and practiced yoga for years to control and ease the pain...none of which have provided any degree of relief. I visited Barry after my doctor recommended osteopathy. After just one session I experienced a good level of pain relief. After 3 sessions I have enjoyed substantial and prolonged pain relief in all areas of times feeling no pain at all. As a result of Barry's treatment I feel uplifted with an increased sense of well being. Barry is an amazing osteopath who knows exactly what to target. He combines many techniques, treats you holistically, is intuitive, attentive, and tunes in well with all your body connections. He talks you through treatment providing invaluable information, and gives practical exercises/advice for further improvement at home. He is personable and approachable and makes you feel like you're really in 'good hands' during treatment. I highly recommend him for pain reduction/elimination to deep set, long standing injuries. Not only is he an excellent osteopath with great practice that gives incredible results .. he's also a really nice guy who puts you at ease as soon as you meet him.

Read the original testimonial at: Facebook Reviews

Heidi Desmet

Heidi Desmet, Chronic hip, back and shoulder pain

About one year back, I got injured at the gym and suffered from instant nerve pain in my right leg. I approached Barry - "the man with the magic hands" - as Singapore knows him, after a long journey of consulting GPs and physiotherapists which didn't really prove to be successful. The physiotherapist had diagnosed me with a hamstring injury. The GP in Singapore sent me to a pain management centre and was about to cut open my spine; not the desired approach! Luckily, I then approached an Osteopath for a different opinion. At the end of my first session with Barry, he diagnosed me with a piriformis syndrome, causing muscles to press on my nerve which caused the excruciating nerve pain. He treated the syndrome by stretching the muscles, and slowly I started making positive progress. After numerous frequent treatments by Barry and the recommended stretching exercises at home, progress really spiked up. A year later, I am almost a 100% cured, and wish I had approached him much earlier!

Marieke Otten

Marieke Otten, Office worker (Singapore)

I'm never inspired to write testimonials but feel I have to on this occasion. I'd been suffering headaches for well over two weeks and have started training for a marathon and so decided to make a visit to the Moving Body clinic to get sorted so I didn't get any worse and also didn't injure myself in training. I cannot recommend Barry highly enough, Quite honestly the best osteopath I've ever seen and would urge anyone to go to him. Barry's knowledge of the body and how interconnected everything is mindblowing really. My headaches are gone. My muscles unknotted. He even did some work on old scar tissue on my arm from an accident when I was two. Honestly the man's a genius. Skipped out of there feeling so much taller and lighter. That's a lovely way to feel any day. Go!

Read the original testimonial at: Facebook Reviews

Hannah Wilson

Hannah Wilson, Office Worker and Runner

I have visited Barry a few times and seen results very quickly. He makes you feel very relaxed and at ease. He has made an effort to keep sessions to a minimum to help manage costs and gives good advice for treatment at home.

Testimonial origanally published on: Yelp

Rakhee V.

Rakhee V.

The results after the first treatment were astonishing. Barry managed to completely release tension in my hamstrings and IT band even though they were previously treated at a different clinic without any results. We have also been working on bringing more mobility in my spine and hips which has had a profound effect on my yoga practice, creating greater range of movement and ease. The sessions are only 30 min long and Barry does not waste time managing to address everything that needs treating. Very professional! Highly recommend!

Ashka Zasada

Ashka Zasada, Yoga teacher

I have had five sessions with Barry for shoulder and back pains. He is extremely professional and has a pleasant manner which helps to make you feel comfortable. I have noticed a huge improvement from the sessions which is a massive relief as I have been putting up with these problems for 12 years now. In short I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.

Dave Kerrigan

Dave Kerrigan, Office worker (London)

Barry has really helped me with a long standing running injury to my hip. The treatments may not always be "pleasant" but they most certainly do the trick. I have found the treatments effective and he also gives good advice re a range of exercises, stretches and home treatments to keep me mobile and fit meaning I see him less frequently which is very helpful! Highly recommend!

This is a Google review which can be found by Googling 'The Moving Body'.

Kim Reid

Kim Reid, Runner with a hip injury

I had been experiencing excrutiating hip pain. After five or so sessions with Barry the pain has reduced considerably and I am able to walk without limping. He was very thorough in assessing my condition and I would highly recommend him to anyone who is in need of an osteopath.

This is a Google review which can be found by Googling 'The Moving Body'.

Sonia Fleming

Sonia Fleming, Office worker with hip pain.

Barry has done wonders for me. I am a keen runner but not without my fair share of injuries. Barry has been able to alleviate pain, advise on 'home' treatment and injury free training. Barry is approachable, hard working and very knowledgable. His understanding of the human body is so impressive and I would recommend him to any sport enthusiast.

Elisabeth England

Elisabeth England, Runner

Osteopathy has been a massive part of my life, so when I arrived in Singapore, it was very important for me to find an Osteopath that suited me. I use osteopathy in conjunction with yoga to manage headaches and body aches by old injuries and day-to-day life.

I have found Barry to be a skilled and efficient practitioner. He was able to quickly understand my issues and start immediately to provide relief from my aches and pains. He prescribes stretches that I am bound to do between sessions and always checks if I have been doing them.

Osteopathy has not only helped me with old and everyday issues but it has also helped me through pregnancies, post-natal issues and effects of breast feeding on the body.

Finally, I love the little tips that Barry puts on his Facebook page.

Jodie O’Doherty

Jodie O’Doherty, Mother and business owner

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