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Advanced Sports Massage

Sports massage is a deep tissue treatment which increases blood flow and eases tension and knots within muscles helping them to function optimally. It's particularly useful for sports people and fitness enthusiasts who like to push their bodies hard or for helping with preparation for a sporting event such as a marathon. Sports massage can help with recovery, maximise fitness gains and prevent injury before it begins. Our patients often like to book a block of sports massage treatments which they incorporate as part of their training plan.

We often combine osteopathic techniques and acupuncture with our sports massage to deliver a more complete and holistic treatment.

Remedial Massage

Remedial massage is similar to sports massage but is specific for the treatment of general aches and pains. The aim of remedial massage to ease muscle tension, release trigger points (knots), break down adhesions, rebalance muscles and increase blood flow. As well as creating a feeling of wellbeing, remedial massage can be a great way of preventing small niggles developing into more serious pain and injury.

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... I then hunted down as many physiotherapists as possible but found that their method of sticking electrodes on my back and giving me a few stretches was not enough to fix this problem. Purely by chance I came across Barry McVeigh...

Melissa Pringle, Performer (Singapore)

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