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Your visit

Initial Osteopathy visit

Your initial visit with us will last for 45 minutes during which we will take a detailed medical case history, carry out an assessment, diagnose the problem, provide manual treatment and then offer advice for next steps. It would be helpful if you could arrive about 10 minutes before your first appointment to leave time to complete our health questionnaire so that we don’t waste treatment time completing paperwork.

Osteopathy Follow up appointments

Follow up appointments will ordinarily be 30 minutes, with a brief discussion of your progress, a physical assessment followed by treatment. If you would prefer to have longer follow-up treatments, we are more than happy to accommodate this, and we are always available by email should you have any concerns or queries in between appointments.

What to wear

We often get asked what patients should wear to appointments. Many people come to see us during a busy day at work and simply don’t have time to think about changing clothes which is fine as we can work around you. We don't often need you to undress, although it may sometimes be necessary when treating the back, hips and legs, so please do wear modest underwear. It may also be helpful to bring a pair of shorts and a vest top with you. In any case, rest assured that we will always work within the boundaries of your comfort.

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Having suffered with Psoriatic Arthritis and Fibromyalgia for several years I often experience severe joint pain and find movement difficult. Since starting treatment with Barry I am able to move more...

bexymj, Fibromyalgia patient

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