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Useful Links

Understanding Pain

Pain Science A selection of really useful YouTube videos explaining the science behind pain.

Pain & Injury Survival Tips Dozens of ideas (and links) for evidence-based rehabilitation and self-treatment for common pain problems and injuries.

Tame The Beast Stories Listen to real stories of lived experience of people recovering from pain.

Mindfulness Courses

Meditation can be a very helpful tool for the treatment of chronic or persistent pain.

Headspace This is a really fantastic mediation app which includes a course specific to pain sufferers. You can trial their 10 day foundation course for free.

Online Mindfulness for Health Course This Breathworks course is for anyone suffering with pain and/or illness, or any other condition such as chronic fatigue or stress that has affected your health.

Rehab equipment

Heel Raises These can be placed inside your shoe if you have a leg length difference . I find that the mediums size will fit most patients.

Trigger Point Balls Trigger Point balls can be used for self-treatmnet by releasing tiny knots that have developed in muscles through injury or overuse.

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Barry has done wonders for me. I am a keen runner but not without my fair share of injuries. Barry has been able to alleviate pain, advise on 'home' treatment and injury free training... His understanding of the human body is so impressive.

Elisabeth England, Runner

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