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Who we treat

Osteopathy is an incredibly versatile and effective form of treatment which can help people from all walks of life to overcome the challenge of muscle and joint pain.

From our experience, musculoskeletal conditions can affect everybody and are rarely confined to particular types of people. While we have particular expertise in treating muscle and joint pain and injuries associated with sports and fitness, and specifically running, we also have great success with patients who don't play any sport at all, including:

  • Manual workers
  • Runners
  • Sports people
  • Mothers and babies
  • Performers
  • Older people
  • Office workers
  • People with pain-related anxiety

We are always happy to chat by email or phone to discuss whether or not we will be able to help with your particular pain, injury or condition. Call 020 8819 4850 today!

Having suffered with Psoriatic Arthritis and Fibromyalgia for several years I often experience severe joint pain and find movement difficult. Since starting treatment with Barry I am able to move more...

bexymj, Fibromyalgia patient

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