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Osteopathy for mothers and babies

During pregnancy

During pregnancy, your body will go through many changes to accommodate your growing foetus: as your body weight increases, tissues will stretch, your posture will change, some joints become mobile while others become restricted and your gait may become modified. It is not surprising that many pregnant mothers suffer pain or discomfort including:

  • Back pain
  • Neck and shoulder pain
  • Sciatica
  • Hip pain
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Pubic symphysis pain (front of the pelvis)

Osteopathy can help with many of these conditions by easing muscle tension and restoring movement to restricted joints. Before any treatment, we will always take a full medical history to make sure that there are no indications that it would present any risk to you or your baby. During your treatment, we will take great care to avoid placing any pressure on your tummy and to make sure that you are comfortable. We use pillows to support your bump and your legs, keeping your pelvis and spine in good alignment, and all of our treatments are modified to make sure that they are suitable during pregnancy.

For many pregnant women, one or two treatments may be all that is needed to relieve their pain. Others may need more treatments as their body continues to change when the baby grows. Some choose to have monthly osteopathy check-ups and treatment throughout their pregnancy to support their body, maximise comfort and make sure that the 9 months are as enjoyable as possible.


Giving birth places a huge amount of stress on the body, but in the days and weeks which follow, new mums understandably put the needs of their new born before their own and before long, niggles and pain can start to develop.

Following childbirth, your body goes through very sudden changes in shape and size but it can take a while for things to return to normal. Osteopathy can help to restore and maintain normal pelvic alignment and mobility and reduce any pain and discomfort you may be feeling.

Hormonal change can also make joints hypermobile and ligaments extra stretchy. We often see mums with aches and pains resulting from sitting in an awkward position during breast-feeding, or from carrying their babies in a harness or on one hip while doing tasks around the house. Even pushing a pram or buggy for long periods can result in lower back pain. We encourage new mums to look after themselves so that they are in best shape to look after their little ones. We use a wide range of treatments to help your body recover after childbirth. We can release muscle tension and joint restrictions and provide you with postural exercises to help prevent reoccurrence.


Our osteopathy treatments for babies are very gentle and calming. Just as adults find massage to be relaxing and calming, making them better able to deal with day-to-day stress when overwhelmed, babies will often relax during our osteopathy treatments and mums often report that their little one sleeps better and is more restful afterwards.

After taking your baby’s full medical history and listening to the problems you’ve been facing, we will conduct an assessment on your little one’s cranium, jaw, neck, spine and abdomen, palpating for areas of tension and irritability and feeling how the joints are moving. We will then use specialised hands-on techniques to gently encourage correct joint movement, relieve tissue tension and soothe areas of irritability.

We find that babies often pick up on an adult’s stress through their breathing and body language. We mostly treat whilst holding the baby, using calming movements and relaxed breathing to provide a soothing and restorative treatment.

Mums will often bring babies in for treatments for:

  • Colic
  • Torticollis
  • Problems with latching and feeding
  • Plagiocephaly (flat head syndrome)
  • Night irritability and poor sleep

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I have found Barry to be a skilled and efficient practitioner. He was able to quickly understand my issues and start immediately to provide relief from my aches and pains.

Jodie O’Doherty, Mother and business owner

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