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Osteopathy for manual workers

Manual workers – including builders, joiners, roofers, electricians, gardeners and decorators – perform physically-demanding jobs which place continuous strain on their joints and muscles. Lifting heavy weights, working in difficult spaces or in awkward positions and performing repetitive tasks can cause damage to our bodies, especially when we fail to take the necessary precautions to limit the impact and the inevitable wear and tear.

We frequently see patients working in these industries suffering from a range of conditions and injuries, including back and shoulder pain, rotator cuff strain, tendonitis and sometimes even osteoarthritis. If your physical health is a key factor enabling you to do your job and earn a living, it is particularly important to take care of yourself and avoid the frustration of working in pain or even having to take time off work.

The good news is that osteopathy can often address the pain and discomfort suffered by manual workers, not only providing treatments to deal with the present condition but also offering advice and guidance on how to avoid similar problems developing in the future. This may involve giving you stretching tips which can be incorporated into your daily work routine, or even analysing your posture and movement so that we can identify modifications which may reduce the strain put on your body when you work.

Case study

We recently treated a roofer who came to see us with low back pain. He only needed one treatment as we were able to identify and treat the painful area with immediate effect. During the treatment, we discussed the different positions he adopts while working so that we could identify exactly what was causing the pain. Upon our advice, he now performs hip stretches regularly, particularly when his back starts to feel tight, meaning he can get rid of his lower back pain as soon as it appears without needing to come back for further treatments.

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