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Osteopathy for older people

At The Moving Body, we particularly enjoy working with older patients who often have a huge amount to gain from osteopathy. While pain or an injury may be an inconvenience when we are young, it can quickly lead to a decline in mobility and even independence when we get older. We use tailored interventions with the aim to help older patients to recover quickly and get moving again so that you can maintain your strength, flexibility, mobility, balance and, most importantly, your independence.

For patients prone to falls, we not only help to treat any injuries which result but we can also show you simple strength and balance exercises which will help to build your confidence and to reduce the risk of reoccurrence.

When treating our older patients, we take great care to do so gently and safely. We always take a detailed medical history to make sure we are aware of everything necessary to provide a safe treatment and to rule out other conditions which might be causing the pain. If we suspect that the pain is not mechanical in nature, we will always refer you to your GP, even if only as a precaution. Once we have the all clear from the doctor, we can proceed with your treatment.


Osteoarthritis is common among our older patients. We know that receiving this diagnosis can be very frightening, and is often understood to be a sentence to a life of untreatable pain. While it cannot cure osteoarthritis, osteopathy can provide hope, using tailored treatments to ease the pain, reduce swelling and stiffness and restore some joint mobility. We may ask to see your latest xrays, blood tests or MRI scans to help us design an effective treatment plan for you, which will involve gentle manual techniques on the joints, muscles and ligaments. While we know that surgery may sometimes be necessary, it can also be avoided in some cases and we would always recommend that you come in for one or two treatments before making a final decision, as ongoing osteopathy treatment may be the solution for you. If surgery is unavoidable, we find that pre-surgery treatments can ensure a swifter and smoother recovery and we can also assist with your rehabilitation.

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Barry has really helped me with a long standing running injury to my hip. The treatments may not always be "pleasant" but they most certainly do the trick. I have found the treatments effective...

Kim Reid, Runner with a hip injury

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