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Osteopathy for persistent pain patients

We understand that being in pain can cause anxiety, which in turn can affect the ability of our patients to recover from pain. Pain-related anxiety can:

  • make you worried about moving in certain ways, avoiding pain but perpetuating the problem by preventing the body from healing itself through healthy movement;
  • make you nervous about receiving treatment out of fear that this may cause more damage and exacerbate the pain; and
  • make the problem worse by increasing muscle tension and inflammation.

We understand pain-related anxiety to be a very real challenge which must be treated alongside the physical injury or condition. We recognise that developing a relationship of trust with our patients is often crucial in order to achieve a positive outcome. We will take time to understand exactly what it is that frightens you and will avoid any techniques which make you feel uncomfortable or afraid.

Recovery from persistent pain is a journey and most people are unlikely to reach their pain-free destination overnight. We are here to support and guide you along the route to recovery at a pace which feels comfortable for you. We will identify small movements which you can do and aim to build your confidence while gradually improving the physiology in the painful area. As your movement gradually improves, we will work together on more challenging movements until eventually you regain full functional movement. Using this partnership approach, we have successfully helped many patients to overcome their pain-related anxiety and return to full physical health.

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I have suffered chronic pain to my hip, back and shoulder following a physical attack 10 years ago. Since sustaining my injuries, I've never been out of pain. I've tried all types of therapy, and practiced yoga for years to control...

Heidi Desmet, Chronic hip, back and shoulder pain

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