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Osteopathy for runners

Running is in our genes! We have evolved to be able to cover large distances by foot – think about how our ancestors used to hunt and gather their food! For this reason, we believe that running injuries need not be inevitable, and can be addressed and prevented with the correct treatment and guidance. We too often speak to patients who have been advised by a therapist or a GP that the only solution to their injury is to stop running. We do not give up so easily, and see our job as helping you to continue running pain free and to perform to the best of your ability.

When it comes to running injuries, many therapists rely heavily on exercise prescription to remedy faulty movement patterns. While this can be successful in some cases, it can often be time-consuming and requires a high degree of motivation on the part of the runner who we know is more focussed on using their energy to train! We usually prefer to take a hands-on approach which we find to be the most successful tactic which bears results most quickly. We use a range of manual therapy techniques, including massage, joint manipulation, trigger-point therapy and stretching to restore correct joint mobility and muscle flexibility and ensure healthy biomechanics during running.

While we are keen to get you back on track as soon as possible, we understand the danger of doing too much too soon. With a firm grounding in Sports Science, we understand training principles and will give you advice on how to build up slowly and what mix of training to do during rehabilitation. We want to make sure not only that you return to full physical fitness and ability but that you do with a reduced risk of injury and relapse in the future.

In summary, as sports injury experts, we can:

  • Speed up your recovery from injury and minimise your time out from training
  • Prevent niggles from becoming full-blown injuries
  • Give you a full running MOT
  • Provide advanced sports massage and medical acupuncture in addition to the full-range of osteopathic techniques
  • Support your race preparation
  • Enhance your running performance

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He understands the injury, knows how to treat it and I always leave our sessions feeling positive and so much better.

Harriet Lombard, Runner

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