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Osteopathy for sports people

People who play sports or train in the gym regularly often come to see us with pain and injuries resulting from over-training, poor technique, or a specific incident. We use a range of hands-on techniques including sports massage, joint manipulation, trigger-point therapy and stretching, to get you back on form as soon as possible. Our priority is restore you to full physical health while also minimising time out from training and the impact on your fitness levels. We know that this can be particularly important when you are training for a particular event or competition.

We also provide treatment support to people who don’t have a particular injury, but are keen to find ways to optimise performance and recovery. We assess your physical condition and biomechanics, aiming to identify potential problems before they cause injury while also maintaining good mobility in the joints and minimising stiffness in the muscles. This approach can be particularly valuable for those engaging in a long-term training plan for a specific challenge, such as a marathon, or those trying to stay fit and healthy throughout their sport’s season.

With a degree in Sports Science, a diploma in Sports Therapy and a passion for physical exercise, our osteopath Barry McVeigh understands how to integrate training principles with sports injury management, reducing the challenges faced by the sporting body and optimising performance.

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Barry was a great help when my back and hip seized up after a 16 hour charity walk. He really helped release the tension and relieve pain. This was my second appointment and I would highly recommend The Moving Body.

Hailey Jean Flee, Yoga teacher

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